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3.5 sao trên tổng 31 đánh giá
20 Oct 2019 tại 4:01 The food was good with good quantity. Food delivered a bit quicker than estimated.
13 Sep 2017 tại 19:53 I ordered salmon, sashimi and the grilled mackerel. The delivery was on time and everything was delicious. My only complaint is that the salmon portion size is a bit small.
9 Jun 2017 tại 12:50 The food was not as good as previoud orders.
27 Oct 2016 tại 8:29 I ordered for my friend and I and found there to be a big hair amongst the pork cutlet. I only could eat 3 sushi rolls before I had to vomit. unfortunately this isn't the first issue, when I first ordered it took 90+ minutes for it to arrive. no more Miy
8 Aug 2016 tại 14:11 While I liked the ramen soup, the ramen itself was disappointing and small portion for the price. The sushi were forgettable.
2 Jul 2016 tại 22:58 Long distance from restaurant. exactly delivered time with vietnammm inform to me. Also delicious sushi.
13 Jun 2016 tại 8:58 Ordered ramen noodles and tuna/avo sushi. The food was good and still warm, however the taste was so-so. Delivery was a tiny bit late (5-10 minutes). However, the restaurant has a lot to offer, every kind of noodles you could dream about.
13 Jan 2016 tại 11:05 I got frozen fish. Taste was not good...
13 Nov 2015 tại 20:41 excellent !
28 Jul 2015 tại 22:34 The food was very good and fresh (I had sushi and one of the seafood noodle soups). They delivered the food within the stated time. I will order from Miya again.
23 Jul 2015 tại 10:51 Trước 30 phút
18 Jul 2015 tại 14:03 i ordered at a closing time so i was happy to see food delivered that late. thank u. but... the sushi collapsed and the udon i ordered was the wrong order i think. i ordered mushroom but got seafood.... i still ate it and it was ok but ive had better.